Breakthrough Digital Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder

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Innovative Treatment for Depression Symptoms

The FDA has approved a new digital therapy called Rejoyn to aid adults battling major depressive disorder (MDD). Developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Click Therapeutics Inc., Rejoyn offers a 6-week … [Read More]

Mapping the Human Brain: A Revolutionary Quest

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Advancing Brain Research at the Allen Institute

The Allen Institute, established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is embarking on an ambitious mission: creating a detailed map of the 86 billion neurons in the human brain. This ‘moonshot’ … [Read More]

Dexcom’s New Over-the-Counter Glucose Monitor Widens Access

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Expanding Use of Dexcom’s CGM

The FDA recently approved Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for over-the-counter (OTC) sale. This means people, including those without diabetes and those not on insulin, can purchase it without a prescription. Originally … [Read More]

Innovative Eye Drops Bring Hope for Eye Complications due to Diabetes

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Diabetes and Eye Health

More than half a billion adults worldwide have diabetes, mostly type 2. People with diabetes face a higher chance of eye complication l(known asdiabetic retinopathy) and macular edema, which can lead to vision … [Read More]

Navigating Health Info on Social Media: A Closer Look at Challenges

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The Influence of Social Media on Health Information

In today’s world, social media has become a major way people get health information. Its widespread use makes it a powerful tool for sharing health-related content. However, it’s not … [Read More]