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Breaking Down Barriers: Making Diabetes Technology Accessible for Everyone

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The Rise of Digital Tools for Diabetes Care

In today’s world, digital technologies are playing a big role in managing diabetes. These tools include things like continuous glucose monitors, smart blood glucose devices, advanced insulin systems, smart … [Read More]

Advanced Skin Cancer Detection Device: Dermasensor’s Breakthrough

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A Smart Device for Detecting Skin Cancer

Dangerous skin cancer such as melanoma is on the rise, and it is important that a diagnosis is made as early as possible when it is easier to treat. A … [Read More]

Using Voice Based Technology to Improve Insulin Management

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AI for Insulin Dosing

A new study found that adults with type 2 diabetes could adjust their insulin doses faster using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based smartphone application (app). This app, using voice commands and supervised by a … [Read More]

SmartHeart Device Reduces Hospital Visits for Heart Patients

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Checking your heart at home

People with heart problems need careful monitoring. Often this requires taking time off from work to go to hospital appointments. For many people with heart problems, it is important that their doctors … [Read More]