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Salt Habits and Kidney Health: A Risky Connection

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The Link between Salt and Kidney Disease

A recent study using data from the UK Biobank suggests that people who often add salt to their meals might be unknowingly putting their kidneys at risk. We already know … [Read More]

Hospital-at-Home Programs: A Closer Look at National Outcomes

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Low Mortality Rates in Hospital-at-Home Programs

Most people when ill wish to avoid hospital as care can be expensive, uncomfortable and even dangerous!  Having access to care at home (can be very similar to being in hospital if organized … [Read More]

Supporting Caregivers for Heart Health

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Caregiver Stress and Heart Health

When spouses become caregivers for their partners with heart problems, they often develop stress. This stress, ironically, might raise the risk of heart problems for the caregivers themselves. The emotions, actions, … [Read More]

Improving Blood Pressure with Community Care

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Partnership for Better Health

Community health centers joined the National Hypertensive Control Initiative (NHCI), focusing on self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) and other methods. Early reports show major progress in controlling blood pressure rates from 44% to 70% … [Read More]

Marijuana Use and Heart Risks: What the New Studies Found

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Daily Use of Marijuana and Heart Failure: A Higher Risk?

New research found that people who used marijuana (“weed”) every day had a 34% higher chance of heart failure within four years compared to those who didn’t … [Read More]

November 14th is World Diabetes Day! 

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With over 37 million Americans and 500 million people worldwide living with diabetes, World Diabetes Day emphasizes the importance of equitable access to diabetes care including effective medications, education and increasingly technologies that have been shown to … [Read More]