About Us

Rachel Aaron, BA

I graduated from Case Western Reserve University, with degrees in Biochemistry and Spanish. I have spoken Spanish from a very young age and continued to learn Spanish in elementary, middle and high school. I translate for Spanish speaking children and families in addition to translating medical documents and educational materials for the Children’s Burn Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. I love to read and write in Spanish (Pablo Neruda and Griselda Gambaro are two of my favorites)! I can’t wait to see how this website grows to bring more diabetes news to the Spanish speaking community!

Tiffany Tian, BA 

I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and a minor in Bioengineering. I grew up speaking Mandarin at home and took Spanish courses in college. Right now, I’m currently refining my Spanish language skills, and the subjunctive tense is my worst enemy! I am very excited to be a part of Salud Diabetes and to help make exciting, innovative research in the healthcare and medical technology fields more accessible!

David Kerr, MBChB, DM, FRCP, FRCPE

David Kerr, MBChB, DM, FRCP, FRCPE is Senior Investigator, Diabetes Research and Digital Health Equity, at the Sutter Center for Health Systems Research. He serves as Director of Digital Health at the Diabetes Technology Society. Prior to this he was Director of Research and Innovation at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Dr. Kerr is a UK trained physician/researcher in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology having graduated from Aberdeen University in Scotland. After professional training around the UK and at Yale University, Dr. Kerr was appointed as a Consultant Physician at the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, UK until his move to the United States in 2014. He is also Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer at Rice University Houston, TX and a member of the scientific advisory board of PATHS-UP and the research committee of the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.

Dr. Kerr’s current research interests focus on the use of digital health and democratize knowledge to reduce the disproportionate burden of diabetes affecting marginalized and historically excluded communities in the United States. He has published over 400 articles including co-editing the first three books on the subject of digital health and diabetes. You can follow Dr. Kerr on twitter at @godiabetesMD.