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SmartHeart Device Reduces Hospital Visits for Heart Patients

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Checking your heart at home

People with heart problems need careful monitoring. Often this requires taking time off from work to go to hospital appointments. For many people with heart problems, it is important that their doctors … [Read More]

A New Wireless Hospital Vital Sign Monitor

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Portrait Mobile

In hospitals, doctors need to monitor vital signs. These include temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing (respiratory) rates. Until recently this required patients to be attached to multiple monitors which require multiple cables. Now … [Read More]

AI is set to be used in NHS hospitals for the first time after health regulator gives the green light for its deployment in radiology departments

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Artificial Intelligence in UK hospitals!

Artificial intelligence is now being used by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) Hospitals to help to assess images obtained from x-rays and scans thereby reducing the reporting time by  up … [Read More]