Breaking Down Barriers: Making Diabetes Technology Accessible for Everyone

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The Rise of Digital Tools for Diabetes Care

In today’s world, digital technologies are playing a big role in managing diabetes. These tools include things like continuous glucose monitors, smart blood glucose devices, advanced insulin systems, smart insulin pens, telehealth services, and smartphone apps. They’ve proven to be effective, backed by solid evidence. But for someone dealing with diabetes, there are challenges that stop them from using these technologies to the fullest, creating a gap in access. This is often called the ”Digital Divide.”

Understanding why there is a Digital Divide

We’re talking about a “digital divide,” meaning not everyone with diabetes can easily use these helpful technologies. The reasons behind this divide are explored in this article. These barriers include things like limited access to technology, lack of knowledge about the technologies, or issues with affordability. For many people, these obstacles make it harder to benefit from the advancements in diabetes management tech. The article discusses general recommendations and specific ideas for people with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and women who develop diabetes during pregnancy.

Bridging the Gap for Better Health

In this article, the authors discuss where these barriers come from and suggest ways to make sure everyone, especially those with limited resources, can get access to these digital tools. The goal is to improve health outcomes for all people living with diabetes by breaking down the barriers that currently limit their use of beneficial technologies. We need to close the digital divide.