A New Wireless Hospital Vital Sign Monitor

Original Article: https://www.medtechdive.com/news/ge-healthcare-fda-clearance-wireless-vital-sign-monitor/690988/

Portrait Mobile

In hospitals, doctors need to monitor vital signs. These include temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing (respiratory) rates. Until recently this required patients to be attached to multiple monitors which require multiple cables. Now a new wireless device that carries out patient monitoring has been developed. Portrait Mobile has recently been cleared by the FDA to be  used in hospitals for non-stop monitoring of vital signs, including respiration rate, blood oxygen, and pulse rate. 

What’s different about Portrait Mobile?

To help eliminate all the tangled wires of typical vital sign monitors in hospitals, Portrait Mobile allows patients to move about their hospital ward without being confined to their hospital bed. This could allow patients to have a more enjoyable hospital stay being able to walk around, while the device still collects their necessary vital signs.Being mobile also reduces the risk of complications such as developing blood clots or pressure sores. It will also reduce the workload for nurses and changes in vital signs and patient status can be responded to in a more timely manner.