Cheering for gentle ear exams

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Ear Analysis

Do you dread ear exams when you go to the doctor? The typical poking and prodding of your ear can be uncomfortable especially as a child. Now Neuranix and DP Medical Devices have collaborated to create a gentle, quick, and non-invasive middle ear diagnostic device. 

How does it work?

Using multi frequency tones, ranging from 100-3000 Hz, the wave technology is able to analyze and assess a patient’s overall ear health. The probe is simply gently inserted in the ear and delivers a variety of waves at different frequencies. The data is then processed and compared to a database of ear pathologies. This pressure-less technology is non-invasive and is suitable for patients of all ages.

Why is this important?

This quick and gentle diagnostic tool can aid Ear nose and throat doctors to quickly assess a patient’s ear. In addition, it can help pediatricians quickly and painlessly assess the ear health of a restless and nervous child at the pediatricians office. This will be launched first of all in the UK and Ireland but with success will be available much more widely.