Innovative Eye Drops Bring Hope for Eye Complications due to Diabetes

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Diabetes and Eye Health

More than half a billion adults worldwide have diabetes, mostly type 2. People with diabetes face a higher chance of eye complication l(known asdiabetic retinopathy) and macular edema, which can lead to vision loss. In many countries, diabetes is the most common cause of blindness for people of working age.

Current Treatments

Current treatments for these eye conditions involve invasive procedures such as injecting medicine directly into the eye or using laser therapy – both of these invariably need to be repeated many times. These methods can be uncomfortable, expensive and require frequent visits to the doctor.

Promising New Eye Drops  

Researchers are testing new eye drops called EXN407. They appear to be easier to use and seem safe, with no major side effects. In a recent trial, participants showed reduced thickness and less leaking from blood vessels in the eye. This could be a big step in helping millions of people with diabetes with eye complications.