Big Improvements in Hospital Infections

Original Article:

Healthcare Infection Drops:

A recent report from the CDC reported that there are fewer infections in hospitals nowadays compared to before. This is great news. Researchers looked at data from over 38,000 hospitals across the US and found big decreases in different types of infections that can happen when people get medical care in a hospital.

State Progress:

In many states, hospitals did much better in preventing infections compared to the year before. Some states improved in preventing at least two kinds of infections, while others did even better, making progress in preventing three or four types of infections.

After Pandemic Challenges:

These improvements come after a tough time during the COVID-19 pandemic when hospital infections increased significantly. The focus on COVID made it hard for hospitals to prevent other infections. Now, it seems like hospitals are getting better at preventing these infections again, which is good news for patients. But, there’s still work to do in other healthcare places like rehab centers and long-term care hospitals to reduce infections.