Predicting Seizures with Wearable Tech

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Aiming for Seizure Predictions

Empatica, a tech company, is getting ready to do a study to create a special computer programwhich aims to predict when someone with epilepsy might have a seizure. They plan to use a small device worn on the wrist to collect information while people go about their daily lives. This data could help understand and forecast seizures, which could lead to a system that gives warnings before a seizure happens allowing people to prevent a seizure in dangerous circumstances.

Empatica’s Seizure Detection

Empatica has already made a smartwatch that can detect some types of seizures and now has permission from the FDA for it to be used in clinical practice. The device, called Embrace, tracks body movements and electrical signals on the skin to recognize patterns linked to seizures. When it spots these patterns, it sends an alert to a person who can help, like a family member or caregiver.

The Study’s Goals

In this upcoming study, Empatica will use their approved device to figure out when someone might be more likely to have a seizure. They’ll study different signals from the body and how a person lives to create a computer program. This could be very helpful for people living with epilepsy, as it might give them a heads-up about potential seizures, reducing stress and maybe even stopping seizures from happening.