Using Voice Based Technology to Improve Insulin Management

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AI for Insulin Dosing

A new study found that adults with type 2 diabetes could adjust their insulin doses faster using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based smartphone application (app). This app, using voice commands and supervised by a doctor, helped them find the right insulin amount in just 15 days, compared to 56 days with standard care. The AI app worked by analyzing blood glucose readings and following specific guidelines. This technology could be used to help insulin users in their own home.

Benefits of AI

The group using the AI app showed better insulin adherence, meaning they followed the instructions more closely compared to those getting standard care. Participants using the AI app checked in almost daily and were easily able to follow the app’s guidance, without needing much direct communication with their doctors. The AI group also improved their emotional distress related to diabetes more than the standard care group.

Improving Glycemic Control

The study found that using the AI app made it more likely for people to reach their blood glucose targets compared to standard care. Around 81% of those using the AI app reached their goals, while only 25% did in the standard care group. Additionally, people using the AI app saw a decrease in their fasting blood sugar levels, while those in standard care had an increase. This technology might be especially helpful for people who need extra help managing their diabetes, even in areas where access to doctors is limited. The study suggests that this AI technology could change how we take care of diabetes, but more research is needed with more diverse groups of people.